Lori and Ramon have made a huge impact on our puppy Tessa’s obedience. As many know, the Boxer breed are high energy dogs and Lori helped us learn how to channel Tessa’s energy. Lori’s knowledge, understanding, and intuition of dog behavior are phenomenal, and I trust her opinions without reservation. She showed me how simple it can be to help a dog learn good manners and right behavior.

The way Lori and Ramon can pick up on specific areas that need to be focused on is very helpful in the training process. Their style of teaching is much different than any other training place I have worked with. They are there to help you and your dog have a happy healthy relationship together. I am looking forward to continuing to work with them as training is important all through Tessa’s life.

Thank you Lori and Ramon!

Angela, Matt, Jack and Tessa - Nashua, NH

Ramon and Lori are the most tallented and compassionate dog trainers I have ever met. They understood my situation and did everything in their power to help me rehab my American Bulldog, Guinness. He was aggressive and unfriendly towards strangers and he needed a new home, but no one would take him. And because of their help, he now has a new home with a great family and is able to coexist with other dogs and is great with new people. Thanks Lori and Ramon, you really helped me save my dog.

Carys - Hooksett, NH

Dear Ramon and Lori,
A mere thank you will never be enough. The 2 of you have totally changed our lives and given us a second chance in which I am so grateful for. I was at the vet's office getting ready to put Cotton down, and thank God they gave me a list of schools, and I found you. I do not know where we would be today. I know it was a lot of work, time and love that was truly devoted to Cotton and myself. If anyone should ever need a reference or referral, 100% it will be you two. Cotton has the obedience and manners now of a wonderful pet. (and so do I) smile. May God be with you both and keep up the excellent work. We will defiantly be back for a few visits and refreshers. I do believe in maintaining the correct way. Again, thank you both so very much. By the way, Cotton is a white pit bull and a love.
Cheryl and Cotton - Malden, MA

"We are absolutely thrilled with the progress that we've seen in our dog Gino! He is a miniature poodle, a rescue, and is our very first family dog. We don't know much about his history, except that he came to us with a sweet face, a good heart and some very bad doggie manners. We plan on bringing him camping with us, and were worried that we'd be kicked out of the camground for having a loud, snarling, and barking dog.

From our first class with Lori and Ramon we have seen great results. We are amazed to see Gino acting and responding beautifully, and in ways that we never imagined possible. The teaching style is hands on, and everyone in our family participates. Each week we get great demonstration, direction, and printed materials to reinforce our exercises so we can practice skills - ours, and his. Lori and Ramon are a pleasure to learn from and we are grateful for all that they are teaching us. Gino is becoming a much better behaved dog, and we are more consistent and better prepared pet owners. Keep up the good work!"

Jayne & Marty  - Tyngsboro,