Specialized Services

Behavior Modification (some examples):

• Insecurity (most common thing we see)

• Human Aggression 

• Animal Aggression 

• Food Aggression 

• Chewing 

• Jumping Up 

• Mouthing 

• Separation Anxiety 

• Dominance Issues 

Private One on Ones: Each dog and owner faces different goals and challenges. If you would like to begin working with us on your individual pet training needs you have several options. Each private session is set up at a time and place that suits you and your dog(s). (ie. Our facility, your home, nearby park etc…). The number of sessions needed to achieve your goals depends on many factors, how much the dog and owner need to learn, how quickly the dog understands the behavior and how much time is put into practicing the behavior to name a few.

Home Visits: Home visits are a great way to make your training needs very convenient and to really personalize your dog’s specific needs in your home. We can really work on behaviors such as house breaking, crate training, nuisance barking at people or other animals, all types of aggression issues, trying to run outside every time the door opens or any other unruly behavior your dogs may have at home. These behavior and many more can be address with our home visits. 

Refresher: Refresher classes are design for dogs and people that need a little more work before moving onto the next level. This is a great way to get the attention that you need without having to sign up for another group of classes.

K-9 Day Camp: K-9 Day Camp is great for people with limited time, want to have more socialization done with their dog, training frustrations or just simply clients that want to advance their training a little quicker. Space is very limited for this as we want to be able to spend the proper time doing obedience, socializing and exercising your companion.

CGC Testing: CGC testing will be set up on an appointment basis. Here at Hudson K-9 Training Center we have two qualified evaluators for the test allowing us to be more flexible with the scheduling of the test.

K-9 Sport Training: Please stop by to learn about our K-9 Sport Training Classes.